Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lennon-related Fiction By Lost Lennon Tapes Website Author Paul Dixon

Visitors to this website may be interested to know that I have published two novels in the last three years. My debut 'Two Rubber Souls' is a must read for Beatles/Lennon fans. Set in England in the mid-1980s, it is a coming-of-age story about teenager Pete Davies. At a low ebb in his life, Pete prays to his idol John Lennon to help him with his troubles - with unexpected results!

Two Rubber Souls is available worldwide at Amazon USA in Kindle format for only $3.03.

It is available at Amazon UK in paperback for £3.99 and in Kindle format for £1.80.
 "Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your book. I read it in record time as I could not put it down!! You had me on the edge of my seat...It was fantastically written and very heart warming and I sobbed at the end. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity of buying and reading it and I am looking forward to your next book."
Sandra, Humberside, England

Two Rubber Souls "immersed me in my childhood, I could remember the school disco, the evenings spent in the local park, for me this was a unique journey back in time. I asked my wife to read it...She loved the book just as much as me. The book is well written, has a sweet storyline and is suitable for anyone from teenagers upwards. I hope the author writes a follow up book, a brilliant first novel."
Lee, Co Durham, England

"This book brought back the whole feel and atmosphere of a childhood growing up in the 80s for me.....The characters were nicely developed and well-rounded and it was easy to identify with them.....Genuinely I felt a tingle of shock at the twist toward the end of the book.....The final ending is both gentle and uplifting and strangely quietly left me wanting more which is, they say, the sign of a good read! "
Coffee Tokenism, Amazon reviewer

"Enjoyed reading your book - even though it was really sad in places. Really impressed with your writing skills and look forward to your next novel."
Marjorie, Sunderland, England

"I think your book, especially for a debut, is a brilliant read"
Alexander, West Midlands, England by email

"The book is well written, and I was disappointed to reach the end so soon! I will be looking forward to reading another book from the author."
Nicaboo2, Amazon reviewer

"A thoroughly enjoyable read that really took me back. As a teenager in the 80's myself I was transported back to a world of school disco's, worrying about the opposite sex, trying not to be too geeky that I got bullied but trying not to fall into the wrong group just to save face.
Pete Davies goes through all these emotions and more in one school year. This is a well written book and reminiscent of something Sue Townsend would have presented her readers with."
Mrs Jenner, Amazon reviewer


A Solid Bond In Your Heart is available in paperback for $14.90 and Kindle format for $3.09 at Amazon USA. Barnes and Noble also have it for sale. In the UK it can be bought from Amazon UK.
‘If something is calling you, an urge that overrides everything else, then you have to go with your heart, otherwise you might just spend the rest of your days wondering “what if ? ” Remember what I’ve always said to you, son: follow your dreams.’

It is the summer of 1982 in a small County Durham town. Eighteen year old Dom Blackburn, inspired by the melodies of contemporary British New Wave bands and the words of his dying grandfather, unexpectedly turns his back on a career in the navy to pursue his ambition of becoming a pop singer. As he begins his journey, Dom finds the road to fame and fortune to be a rocky one littered with countless obstacles: a disapproving father, rival bands, the negative influence of a local gangster, and warring bandmates all prove problematic and threaten to derail his dream.

A Solid Bond In Your Heart, with its themes of love, friendship, loyalty, hope and desire is an emotional rollercoaster ride packed with laughter, drama, humour and pathos.
"Author Paul Dixon was born in Washington, Tyne and Wear and now lives in County Durham where his second novel is set. It’s the early 1980s and young Dom Blackburn is all set to join the Navy. His dying grandfather, however, has previously given him some advice along the lines of 'follow your dreams' and Dom’s dreams don’t run to the high seas ('I wouldn’t last a week, and what if there’s another war?'). Instead he chooses a career path that his shipyard-working father is never going to be happy about: a pop star. So, he does what any aspiring pop star of the time would do and that’s take himself off to the local shop to buy a copy of Sounds magazine and scan the advertisements in the window: Local band requires singer ASAP. Influences The Jam, Kinks, Small Faces. New Romantics need NOT apply. With that Dom’s off, and we’re with him all the way through rehearsals, gigs, rows with mates, rivalries with other local bands, and the malign influence of the odd local gangster. Good stuff and it rattles along with pace of an early Who single."
June 2014 issue The Crack, Newcastle-based cultural and arts magazine
"Great book, loved it from start to finish! Really wanted the best for all the characters, felt really connected to them. I'll be recommending this to friends."

MJ, Amazon reviewer

"Twists and turns that lead to heartbreak then hope, keeps you reading to the end."
Amazon customer

 "Just finished reading A Solid Bond In Your Heart by - absolutely loved it, a great book."
@ActualStoutboy, Twitter

"I've just finished A Solid Bond In Your Heart, absolutely brilliant read, I was saving the book for my hols in 2 weeks time, but 2 nights ago I gave in and started reading it. Its probably the quickest I've ever read a book, I couldn't put it down. If anyone loved the 80's, and wants to be reminded of how life was less complicated then go and buy this book."
Facebook reader

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